Family in Florence

The first family gathering in over a year, and what a wonderful setting.

Ready for Round 2

It took a while to adapt, now I can focus on what really matters. Second year in Korea, bring it on!

Dressing the Part

Keeping up appearances in a tropical country won’t be easy, pity we can’t break out the flip-flops!

Foot in Korean Mouth

On arrival, I was granted a grace period of 10 days to fly solo in my classroom and prep for the biggest challenge of my working life.

However, in Korea, you should expect the unexpected…


The English Program in Korea really is a lottery. You never can be sure what luck that winning ticket will bring.

Into the abyss…

Travel can challenge us many ways, sometimes we encounter things we never expect.

Always Dusk Before the Dawn

Sometimes the best plans are those that aren’t planned so well, just roll the dice and see where you end up!

The Last of the Last Minutes

The English Program In Korea advise applicants to get the ball rolling early, but some of us like to push our luck. Question is, how late is too late?

Home at Last, yet Lost at Home

The longer you spend on the road, the harder it can be to settle, even in a place that should feel like home. The end of one adventure can often breathe life into the next…